Conference Programme

PRS Europe 2018 seeks to have an informative and inspiring conference programme which will address the latest opportunities and challenges that face the plastics recycling industry. With key industry figures in attendance and a number of big name speakers, this really is a must attend event for those looking to evolve their business and generate new revenue streams. The Conference is FREE to attend and forms part of the FREE to attend exhibition where you can not only benefit from the content, but also from quality networking, meeting top suppliers, seeing the most innovative products & services as well as see new launches.



Day One | 24 April 2018


This session will give an overview of the legislative landscape in respect to the plastics recycling, plastics recycling figures as well as initiatives on marine litter.

Cyrill Gutsch, Founder, Parley for the Oceans

Ton Emans, President, Plastics Recyclers Europe



Focus on: PET

The PET material focus session at PRSE will focus on latest developments within the PET recycling sector. The speakers of this session will talk about the launch of the PET trays recycling and the pioneer water marking project whose aim is to improve sorting.

Chaired by:

Casper van den Dungen, Vice President and PET WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe 

Johan Kerver, CEO, CTO


Focus on: PVC

This session will make a close up on the current collection schemes and recycled volumes of PVC across Europe as well as the legislative framework for PVC recycling.

Chaired by:

S√©bastien Petithuguenin, Vice President and PVC WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe

Zdenek Hruska, Public Affairs Director, VinylPlus

Ton Van der Giessen, Managing Director, Kunststoff Recycling van Werven


Focus on: Technical Plastics

The speakers of this session will talk about the challenges and opportunities linked to the collection, sorting, recycling and uptake of recyclates in this stream.

Chaired by: 

Arjen Wittekoek, Director, Coolrec

Thomas Vannieuwenhuyse, Eco-design & Circular Economy Expert, Eco Systemes


Day Two | 25 April 2018


Focus on: LDPE

This session will focus mainly on the successful collection and recycling schemes of LDPE in Ireland as well as current EU recycling rates.

Chaired by:

Ton Emans, President and LDPE WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe 

 Liam Moloney, General Manager, IFPG


 Focus on: HDPE

This session will zoom into the use of recycled HDPE and PP by brand owners and the future of HDPE recycling. It will present as well recently launched polyolefins platform.

Chaired by:

Herbert Snell, Board Member and HDPE WG Chairman, Plastics Recyclers Europe

Herman van Roost, Chairman Communications Group, PCEP




Focus on: Pots Tubs and Trays

The speakers in this session will focus on the recycling potential mixed plastics. This session will provide insights into black trays recycling project.

Chaired by: 

Werner Kruschitz, PRE Board Member and Chairman of the PTTs WG, Plastics Recyclers Europe

Stuart Foster, CEO, RECOUP

*Programme timings will be announced in January