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Waste prevention is one of today’s most pressing tasks and challenges. Careful use of resources, reasonable recycling and sustainable acting become more important every day. Our company has been tackling these challenges successfully for more than 50 years. Today, we are a leading partner of the international recycling industry.

Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Separation & Sorting Size Reduction: Shredders / Grinding Tools - shredders and size reduction
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In the circular economy, existing materials and products are reused, repaired, refurbished and recycled for as long as possible in order to conserve valuable resources. As a producer and supplier of machines and systems for the preparation and handling of primary and secondary raw materials, we lay the foundation for functioning recycling.
Vecoplan is your reliable partner for solutions in shredding, conveying, screening, separating and storage technology. You will receive everything from us from a single source “Made in Germany” and it will all be individually tailored to your requirements. To this end, we conduct continuous research in our Technology Centre and manufacture our solutions in-house. This technological edge enables you to process even demanding materials into high-quality output and with high throughput.

Vecoplan is the market leader for the shredding of residual materials and preparing them for downstream material or thermal processing. We have a wide range of products from which we will select the right machine to perfectly match your specific input material. For example, this applies to a wide variety of plastics, but also to different types of wood. There are also very different types of waste, which are often interspersed with impurities. You can process these waste types for RDF production. We will work closely with you in all your usage scenarios. Our shredders will give you the output that meets your high efficiency and quality requirements.

Vecoplan has solutions for conveying technology in its programme – and they are suitable for all types of bulk materials. We’ll tailor the modular systems to your processes in terms of size, length and performance and we’ll also coordinate the individual components down to the last detail. This means that material flows in your recycling and processing plant will run continuously, and they’ll be reliably fed to the right process steps as well – a major contribution to the high overall economic efficiency of your system.

We offer solutions to receive, feed, convey & store bulk materials and prepare them for further processing. We will supply you with systems that are precisely tailored to your requirements. We use various product and system solutions to ensure that your material is fed consistently and with reliable dosing. We match these solutions 100% to your processes and your individual process steps. Our individual components for storage and dosing will increase your material availability and secure & accelerate the material flow.

After the shredding process, impurities, foreign matter, coarse pieces, items with excess lengths and fine pieces must be reliably separated from the material stream. To achieve this, we can offer you systems to extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the mass and we will provide you with solutions that separate light and heavy fractions. In this way, you will benefit from a significantly better output quality when preparing residual materials for further processing in material or thermal recycling.

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