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As the leading polymer expert in the world, Synthomer is an integral part of all stakeholders in the packaging value chain, enabling the design of mono-materials and increasing the circularity of plastics through additives and modifiers that enhance material properties.

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What we do: We’re a world-leading supplier of high-performance, highly specialised chemicals that are applied across key industries such as coatings, construction, adhesives, and healthcare. Our Plastic Modification segment is a key partner for all stakeholders in the packaging industry value chain, enabling mono-material design and increasing circularity of plastics.

Our business model: Innovation, sustainability and customer service sit at the heart of our business model. We focus on these key elements, drawing on our unique teams and assets to deliver high-performance solutions in pursuit of a common goal: creating value for all our stakeholders.

Where we work: We employ 4,400 employees across nearly 40 locations worldwide. Our headquarters are in London, UK. We serve our customers from regional centres in Europe, North America and Asia – while also operating innovation hubs in Harlow, UK; Marl, Germany; Akron in Ohio, USA and Kulai, Malaysia.

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Synthomer plc
45 Pall Mall
London SWIY 5JG
United Kingdom