SUEZ Eau France SAS
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SUEZ Plastics Division is an industrial player in the production of quality recycled raw materials. It offers collection, sorting and processing solutions for various types of household / industrial plastic waste. It relies on proven business expertise, mature industrial facilities, 200 employees and a research center dedicated to recycled plastics.

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Faced with growing environmental challenges, SUEZ has been delivering essential services that protect
and improve our quality of life for more than 160 years. SUEZ provides its customers with innovative
and resilient solutions for water and waste services. With 40 000 employees across 40 countries, the
Group works with customers to create value over the full lifecycle of their assets and services, and to
drive their low carbon transition. In 2022, SUEZ provided drinking water for 68 million people worldwide
and sanitation services for more than 37 million people. The Group generated 3.7 TWh of energy from
waste and wastewater, and avoided 4 million tons of CO2 emissions. In 2022, SUEZ has generated
revenues of 8.8 billion euros*. For more information: Twitter @suez

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