Steinbeis PolyVert GmbH.
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Steinbeis PolyVert GmbH is at the forefront of European innovation in converting plastic waste into high-quality recycled materials. Based in Völkermarkt, Carinthia, Austria, we are committed to sustainability and industrial progress. Specializing in mechanical recycling powered by renewable energy, we produce high-quality PET, PP and PE-HD ReGrinds and ReGranulates.

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Detailed information

Steinbeis PolyVert GmbH is at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in the European landscape, pioneering the conversion of plastic waste into high-quality recycled material. Based in the heart of Carinthia in Völkermarkt, Austria, our company is a cornerstone of environmental responsibility and industrial progress.
Steinbeis PolyVert specializes in the mechanical recycling of polymers using state-of-the-art technologies powered entirely by renewable energy. Through our meticulous process, we breathe new life into post-consumer waste streams, producing high-quality, sustainable ReGrinds and ReGranulates that redefine the concept of waste.
Our extensive product portfolio is divided into two different categories: CARULAT and CARULUX. CARULAT stands for our recycling category and offers ReGrind or ReGranulate options for PE-HD, PP, PO and PET. CARULUX, on the other hand, stands for our premium UpCycled category, which offers ReGranulate options for PE-HD, PP and PET. Each product embodies our commitment to quality and sustainability.
Steinbeis PolyVert is dedicated to shaping a future where plastic waste is not a burden, but a catalyst for positive change. We invite you to join us on our journey to a world where environmental protection and industrial excellence come together to leave a lasting impression for generations to come.