SK functional polymer
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SKGC is one of the leading petrochemical companies in Korea, with a well-balanced product portfolio encompassing Olefins, Aromatics, Performance Chemicals, Polymers and EPDM.
SK Functional Polymer is a newly established company headquartered in Paris, France, following the acquisition of Arkema’s Functional Polyolefins business by SKGC in June 2020. SK Functional Polymer has more than 30 years of experience in the development and supply of specialty polyolefins products from manufacturing facilities in France and in the USA.
SK Functional Polymer markets an extensive range of specialty polyolefins that are suited to a large number of applications. These thermoplastic materials enhanced with a range of functionalities (acrylics, epoxy, maleic anhydride) are supplied under the following brand names:
• Lotader®: reactive ethylene-acrylate maleic anhydride terpolymers and ethylene-vinyl acetate-maleic anhydride copolymers
• Lotader®AX : reactive ethylene-acrylate glycidyl methacrylate terpolymers
• Lotryl®: ethylene-acrylate copolymers
• Evatane®: ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers
• Orevac® G: reactive anhydride maleic grafted polyolefins (PE, PP, EVA)

Today, we are there to present our solutions for plastic recycling (boosting performance of Post-Consumer Recycled and Post Industrial Recycled ). We have developed a specific material which will help the recycled material to recover its original impact characteristics.

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