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RUNI A/S is a Danish waste compactor manufacturer, Our machines are robust and solid machines built from thick plates. They are made to work, 24/7 for many years. At RUNI we develop our machines ourselves on the basis of many years’ experience - we turn waste to value

Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Plastic Waste Collection Separation & Sorting Size Reduction: Shredders / Grinding Washing / Washing Lines
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The RUNI Screw press compactors are used for compacting many types of waste materials where you want to reduce volume quickly and effectively, for example, fish boxes made of EPS. They take up a lot of space but compacting in a screw press reduces volume significantly. The compacted material can be sent to recycling or be sent to landfill at much lower cost. The compactors can also de-water waste materials by separating liquids from solids, for example separating water from washed plastic, or by emptying and compacting juice cartons in a single process All our compacting machines are robust and solid compactors, built from thick plates and are made to work in harsh environments, 24/7 for many years.

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