Maxi Melt BV
Stand #: 9-170
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For maximum plasticizing performance is Maxi Melt the right partner. We can design your screws with improved and guaranteed benefits. We also repair old worn screws and cylinders

Extruders Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier
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With over 35 years of experience, Maxi Melt specializes in advanced solutions for wear-resistant plasticizing components. We serve machine constructors and end users with high quality products, therefor Maxi Melt is not just a supplier but a partner to fulfill all their needs. With our continues research to find new solutions Maxi Melt continue by pushing the limts.

With our innovative screws Maxi Melt, and high-quality products, our goal is to achieve superior performance in your plasticizing process, offer a precise process control, increase productivity, enhance mechanical resistance, minimize energy consumption, improved surface finishing, reduce masterbatch usage, less rejectedrates. Experience excellence only with Maximelt

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