Luxus Limited
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Since 1965, we've been the UK's largest independent polymer producer, excelling in compounding, recycling, and technology. Our expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and dedicated team ensure quality products and solutions, supported by professional analysis and consultancy services for our valued customers.

Extruders Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Material Suppliers - rigids - PP, HDPE Material Suppliers - technical/engineering plastic Material Suppliers – PC Material Suppliers – other Plastic Mechanical Recyclers Size Reduction: Shredders / Grinding Testing
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Luxus continually invests in cutting-edge technology and enhances our team's capabilities, positioning us as one of the UK's foremost technical plastics compounding and recycling companies.
Since our establishment in 1965, we leverage decades of technical expertise to collaboratively partner with global customers, delivering a distinctive range of products and services and fostering long-term strategic relationships. At Luxus, our manufacturing process begins with the production of high-quality engineered plastics and high-performance thermoplastic materials using both recycled and prime polymers. Our in-house Technical Centre, equipped with leading-edge technology, conducts polymer testing and analysis for clients, constantly seeking ways to enhance compound design.

Additionally, Luxus operates advanced on-site facilities to recycle a wide range of plastics, assisting customers in proactively managing scrap plastic, reducing costs, and minimising environmental impact. Our specialists possess the expertise to develop novel polymers tailored to specific applications.

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