Kamadur industrial knives B.V.
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KAMADUR supports plastic recyclers by supplying knives and parts to recycling equipment such as shredders, granulators, laserfilters and pelletizers. We strive to take care of all requirements with the highest efficiency. Reduce your costs, effort, time spent and enviromental footprint for purchasing knives, wear parts and services for plastic recycling.

Filtration Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Tools - shredders and size reduction
Detailed information

In a world where resources are increasingly scarce, recycling valuable materials such as plastics is a must.

KAMADUR supports the circular economy by supplying knives to recycling equipment such as shredders, granulators and pelletizers.

By providing high quality knives, many from stock, we support recyclers to ensure recycled materials are a suitable alternative.

With our broad range of laserfilters, screens, wear parts, big bags and knife sharpening machines KAMADUR offers more than knives only.

Our range of products consists of:
-Shredder blocks and stator knives to single-shaft shredders
-Shreddder blades to multiple shaft shredders
-Granulator knives
-Cutter compacter knives
-Melt filter scraper blades
-Pelletizer knives
-Screen for shredder, granulators and centrifuges
-Knife sharpening machine
-Big bags

Contact Email: jurjen@kamadur.com