Global Green Europe, S.L.
Stand #: 9-130
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Global Green Europe aims to create lasting relationships with suppliers and clients extending the commercial lifespan of plastic to contribute to a more sustainable world. To do this, we bring used plastics “back to life” by turning them into everyday objects, many of which are made of plastic.

Detailed information

Despite our focus on the Asian markets over the last few years, due to new policies from the Chinese government, new distribution channels have recently arisen not only within Europe, but also in other continents. Africa, South America or the Near East are increasing their need for recycled plastics so as to gain competiveness and manufacture new plastic products for human consumption. Also, they are generating valuable waste for economies demanding more complex plastics, such as EPS, polycarbonate or Nylon.

At Global Green Europe, we offer our expertise in the Iberian market by providing solutions to Spanish companies, whether it is export, import or the domestic market.

You can trust us, not only with plastic commercialisation, but also with the exchange of data for the purpose of materializing a more sustainable world and, above all, a respect for nature.