Binova Srl
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The core business of the company is projecting and manufacturing plants for recycling, compounding and extrusion of thermoplastic scraps based on co-rotating twin screw technology.

Extruders Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier
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Thanks to the continuous improvement of our technologies, we achieved the important goal to put on the market our production lines that are able to make, in one single step, what normally is made in two: recycling and compounding.
Most of the time we are dealing with post-consumer polyolefin scraps and we can say with great satisfaction that, the product obtained with our technology, is a high quality material.
With this process we can offer to our customers something unique. In fact our production lines are very competitive and they also reduced handling of the materials inside the factory.
Another very important subject is the proven reduction in energy consumption compared to other plants on the market today that can be up to 30% compared to a traditional line with a single-screw application.
Our plants are integrated with industrial automation that is based on new technologies to improve working conditions and increase the quality of the production.
The total control of the process takes place through Application Software developed on PLC platform and controlled from an operator panel.
To strengthen its already established working methods, Binova has recently obtained, through a favorable opinion signed by the sector experts of AMAPLAST, the certificate of conformity to industry 4.0.

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