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APK AG, based in Germany, is driving the development of physical recycling with its innovative Newcycling® technology. The solvent-based technology enables APK to produce pure granulates with properties similar to virgin plastics from complex waste streams. Newcycling® - the most effective way to close the loop. Get to know us

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For more than 10 years, APK has been working continuously on the development of high-quality recycling processes. With the aim of recovering various material flows efficiently and above all sustainably, and of facilitating a closed circular economy, a steadily growing number of employees have been working, developing and producing at the Merseburg (Germany) plant since 2008 for the success of APK AG.
APK AG produces high-quality plastic granulates from pre- and post-consumer plastic waste using its own unique, specially developed Newcycling® technology. The result is regranulates at a level of quality that enabled to replace virgin plastics. Raw materials and energy that would have been required for the production of new plastics are saved and CO2 emissions are reduced accordingly. Thus, APK is able to make an active contribution to climate protection and circular economy.

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