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WIPAG produces tailor-made compounds based on post-industrial and post-consumer materials, we offer high-quality and resource-efficient recycling compounds with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. The inovative recycling technologies give us the competence to process plastic waste to a high quality and return it to the material cycle. WIPAG-Mechanical recycling and more

Detailed information

The patented WIPAG processing methods separate used plastics from everything else: Complex material compounds are also separated and then recycled. Various shredding techniques and selective separation methods such as density separation, optoelectronic or electrostatic separation and de-metallization make it high-quality processing of thermoplastic waste possible. An important point from a sustainability point of view: Energy consumption is significantly lower in mechanical recycling than in chemical recycling.
The paint stripping technology developed by WIPAG can be used to remove almost 100 percent of any existing paint layers. This allows the thermoplastics to be reused in the manufacture of original parts. The new components can be painted easily.
Examples of different recycling cycles (open loop and closed loopprocesses) can be found on our Homepage.

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Country: Germany