Westeria GmbH
Stand #: D43
Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Separation & Sorting
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Westeria is a German company from Westphalia with over 60 years of experience producing innovative machinery. Since 1956, our product portfolio has largely grown to provide high-quality machines, technical expertise and excellent service to our clients. We are constantly developing new recycling machines and conveyor systems for what is perhaps the biggest challenge of the present day: make the circular economy a valuable and profitable reality all over the world.

Detailed information

For more than 60 years, Westeria builds the hardware for circular economy, making it one of the most known companies in the recycling industry.
Dosing, Conveying, Speading and Windsifting waste streams are our main issue-areas. Starting with our conveying systems in 1956, we began to develop machines especially for the waste industry like our Windsifters AirStar, AirLift and AirBasic, our Bunker systems MovingFloor and MultiFeeder as well as our most innovative product: the DiscSpreader. Our most recent invention is the DiscSpreader automove which is able to adjust its position to varying material flows via an AI powered automatic adjustment.
We provide "Moving Innovation" which is why we are proudly presenting our windsifter AirLift. It is able to separate material with similar densities like PET bottles from their labels. Westeria is your long term partner for seperation & sorting, recycling and material handling. Meet us to learn more about our products services.

Contact Email: r.flaute@westeria.de
Country: Germany