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Material Suppliers – PVC Plastic Mechanical Recyclers Separation & Sorting Size Reduction: Shredders / Grinding Washing / Washing Lines
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Are you already recycling your PVC scrap? The time is now to do things differently! We have recycling solutions for all types of PVC; rigid, plasticized, plastisols and powders. We process it to raw material, ideally for you to take it back as feedstock.

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What you need to know about us!
What defines us most is that we are a family business. Because we cooperate intensively and have short communication lines, we can offer the same to our partners. Speed, transparency, solution-oriented is what we stand for!

Through the years we gained a very strong expertise in PVC recycling and every type of waste is seen as a challenge, and with continuous dedication and innovation we search for pragmatic solutions to process or reuse this versatile material. We act global and partner up with production plants all over the world to find solutions for their production scrap, or to find ‘recycled’ alternatives for their compounds and raw materials.

Our mission is twofold!
First, we want to be Europe’s most innovative PVC recycler! Created out of necessity, because every day large quantities of PVC end up in landfills. Or even worse, in the incinerator.

The second part, inherent to innovation, is sharing knowledge to create awareness.
We want to share our knowledge with anyone who wants to hear it. We want as many people as possible to know about PVC and its applications and how we recycle it into raw material, which can then be used to make a new product. We achieve this via interesting projects, like the Bloody Serious-, the Inflatable- and the Flooring Project in which the two missions collide.

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Country: Netherlands