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Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Separation & Sorting
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Vibrowest provides efficient vibrating screeners and plastic pellet classifiers/separators suitable for the demands of the plastic pellets processing industry. With the current global environment trends and limitation of resources, recycling has become necessary for the planet. The company’s range of vibrating screeners and classifiers is ideal for separating, classifying and dewatering plastic pellets and check screening plastic pellet powders.

Detailed information

It was 1963 when, with the acquisition of a representation of vibrating screens of Anglo-American origin, we were the first company to introduce the screening technology in the Italian market, which was almost unknown at the time.

In 1972, we created a new company entirely focused on developing and expanding vibrating technologies: VIBROWEST ITALIANA S.r.l. Since then, we have come a long way and we have been offering quality and reliability to our customers for more than 60 years.

Modern technology requires a strict precision in the production processes as tolerances in the selection of the products to be separated, are millesimal. Such issues are sorted out by vibrating screens which, thanks to the mechanical and simultaneous action of the screens, allow a quick processing while respecting the multiple tasks of the separation.

Our wide range of sieves and filters offers the optimal separation solutions for many products and serving worldwide first-class companies in any industries.

We are the partner for excellence for customised solutions that meet the specific needs of each single customer. Thanks to the experience of our technical and commercial staff, we are able to offer the best solutions. Through laboratory testing in demo units, we can verify the quality of the separation and confirm the performance of the screening equipment.

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