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Veridis aims to give recyclers, sorters, and compounders continuous and accurate material insight into complex plastic batches, allowing for input & output control and process optimization with its patented MADSCAN technology.
Besides its high accuracy (<2%), MADSCAN distinguishes different material subtypes and analyses dark plastics in granule and flake batches.

Detailed information

We believe in a circular economy where plastic retains its value and is recycled into new high-end products. To enable this, having exact insight into your material streams is of vital importance.

Veridis builds a reliable & scalable analysis method for exact measurements of your polymer streams, because, when you can measure, you can improve.

High-quality products require high-quality resources but as plastics mix and degrade over time, knowing exactly what is in your material batches can be costly or time-consuming. At the same time, existing methods can give some insight but have drawbacks when it comes to scalability, accuracy or plastic types and colours they can analyse.

Together with the input of players across the value chain on the pain points and needs for better material information, Veridis has developed the patented MADSCAN technology and launched its second system, the MADSCAN30, this year.

The MADSCAN30 is able to:
- Analyse samples of 30 grams per scan, (a factor 30.000 increase compared to for example a DSC-analysis)
- Analyse both flakes & granules
- Analyse and distinguish between PET/PE/PP/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/MDPE/PA/PS/PMMA/PC/POM/PLA/PB
- Accurately measure within ~2% accuracy
- Detect impurities from ~0.25% and larger
- Analyse any plastic color, including black and dark plastics

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