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Additives make a huge difference in many processes and in products. Often only a very small amount is needed for the desired result. Chemicals is a very broad field in which the specialists at Van Meeuwen focus on the following industries and solutions, worldwide: - Food packaging (anti-block / anti-static

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Optimize the presentation & creation of food packaging

Fogging most commonly occurs when there is a temperature difference and can disturb the appearance of the packed food. Van Meeuwen helps you create clear sheet that is less sensitive for fogging to make customers and consumers happy.

Extrusion process
Too much friction of the sheet can result in process delays and quality loss. Anti-block agents reduce this friction so packaging can be easily separated from each other. It also ensures that exactly one cup or tray is picked up at automated filling lines.

Recycling process
Washing plastics can cause a lot of foam formation, our anti-foams help you to be in control of your foam.

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