Steinert GmbH
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Separation & Sorting
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STEINERT GmbH provides innovative solutions for the separation of valuable materials, increasing customer profitability through higher recovery and reducing operational costs. In the areas of treatment of secondary and primary raw materials, the company operates in both the resource recovery and mining sectors. Here STEINERT is a global leader in

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Efficient recovery of recyclable materials from various waste streams like commercial & industrial or even domestic collections is one of the greatest challenges in the recycling industry for ensuring a sustainable circular economy. The range of materials found in the waste is diverse and consists primarily of various plastics, composite materials, organic materials such as wood, paper and green waste, mineral fractions and elements of iron and non-ferrous metals.

STEINERT sorting machines provide you with the right technology for every requirement in separating the contaminants from waste and for recovering fractions with high levels of purity. This is necessary since only high quality of secondary raw materials can offer recycling reliability and revenue, and thus profitable system operation.

Country: Germany