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Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives Plant Design Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Size Reduction: Shredders / Grinding Washing / Washing Lines
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With almost 50 years of experience, SOREMA div. of PREVIERO N. SRL has become a benchmark in the engineering and manufacturing of plastics recycling plants for rigids, film, fibers and rubber. Sorema modular design offers a wide range of solutions including cold/hot/chemical washing, pre-washing, grinding, drying, conveying and storing.

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All of our systems are built on the same basic tenets. We have developed these principles through years of experience in hundreds of systems concerning plastic recycling machinery.

Thanks to its worldwide and long-term experience in plastic recycling machines, SOREMA developed a specific and globally recognized know-how in treating the most difficult plastic materials in the recycling process.
SOREMA philosophy is to customize recycling technology and to engineer efficient and flexible plastic recycling plant.
SOREMA and Previero operate in many different fields of the recycling market, as: Recycling of PET bottles, Recycling of HDPE and PP, Recycling process of Thermoforms, Recycling of plastic film, Dry cleaning of plastic.

CUSTOMIZED LINES: each SOREMA washing line is studied and developed expressly for each customer, according to the specific characteristics of the input materials to be treated.
These prerogatives guarantee that our technologies are exactly and expressly suitable for the specific requirements and needs of each one of our customers.

EFFICIENCY: efficiency is intended in terms of high quality during the reprocessing of any plastic material treated by SOREMA’s recycling plants, coupled with minimized energy and water consumption. We work with the best and most updated technologies and hold patents in the field of washing and pre-washing lines.

FLEXIBILITY: flexibility is given by the wide capacity that SOREMA plastic recycling machines can achieve. Actually, SOREMA can realize plastic recycling plants with capacities ranging from 500 up to 10.000 kg/h. Moreover, thanks to its particular concept of Modular Designed Systems, any SOREMA single stream recycling line, such as Prewashing, Washing, Grinding, Delabeler separation (suitable to separate the particularly difficult “sleeves” labels on PET bottles), can be easily installed in any existing plastic recycling plant.

We take great care in reaching out to each one of our customers, to guarantee the maximum level of satisfaction.
SOREMA relies upon its technical and post-sales high-skilled team to support all its customers with an accurate and customized after-sales service at the commissioning, line start-up, and production stages, as well as during the entire lifetime of its washing recycling lines.

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