Sesotec GmbH
Stand #: G12
Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Separation & Sorting
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Since 1976, we have collaborated closely with customers all over the world to develop and build high-tech systems for foreign object detection and material sorting in a wide range of applications. Through our efforts, we are able to support our customers in the manufacture of high-quality products with maximum added value and minimal resource waste. Worldwide. Tailor-made. Reliable.

Detailed information

Resource scarcity, environmental degradation, and climate change demand a new approach to sustainable business. The solution is a circular economy in which waste is repurposed as a valuable raw material. For profitable recycling, material purity is essential. Our intelligent technologies and services help recycling companies to profitably produce secondary raw materials of the highest quality. Material cycles are closed. Sustainability, environmental protection, and profit go hand in hand.

Sesotec is a leading specialist in industrial sorting technology. As a manufacturer of sorting systems for over 40 years, our recycling sorting systems cover the entire range of contaminant removal and sorting of material flows: from an automatic sorting system designed to handle larger objects, to machines that focuses on the delicate task of removing small particles. Alongside standard solutions, we also develop completely customized sorting solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience in the recycling industry, we understand your processes. Our automated sorting systems offer tailored solutions to best meet the requirements of diverse areas of application.

Sorting equipment with modular designs
Our sorting machines have a modular design. Depending on the application, we can combine various sensors, detectors and separators in a single machine. Separation systems (air blast nozzles, flaps, etc.) remove undesired materials from the material flow with precision down to the millisecond, increasing the material yield.

Country: Germany