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RUNI A/S is a Danish waste compactor manufacturer, Our machines are robust and solid machines built from thick plates. They are made to work in harsh environments, 24/7 for many years. The RUNI screw compactor compact materials like packaging foam, pet-bottles, ALU-cans, household waste etc.

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The machines are used to add value to a large number of different materials, by making them suitable for recycling and onward sale or by reducing costs of transport, disposal or energy. This is why we say that WE TURN WASTE TO VALUE.

The high pressure in a RUNI Screw Compactor is unsurpassed for separating liquids from dry matter. Due to the screw’s high moment, the process is often more efficient and uses less energy than many traditional methods such as centrifuging or heat drying. The liquid is pressed out through a matrix that is especially adapted to the material and the application. This property can be used for a number of interesting applications and RUNI has supplied solutions for the dewatering, draining, drying, separation and destruction of a wide range of products and materials.

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Country: Denmark