RSH Polymere GmbH
Stand #: D74
Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Material Suppliers - rigids - PP, HDPE Plastic Mechanical Recyclers Washing / Washing Lines
Short description

RSH is recognized as the quality leader in the plastics recyling sector.
If you need 100% recycled resin in large quantities with constant quality within narrow tolerences,we are the people to come to.
We provide data sheets, REACH, RoHS and personalised supply specifications and analysis for our products.

Detailed information

We are the specialists for recycling and compounding of high-quality polymers:

Understanding customers' needs and requirements, RSH offers a comprehensive range of services relating to the recycle grades and compounds supplied. Customers can use these services individually or in synergistic combinations.

Technical Sales; Applications engineering and technical advice – in your plant if desired!
RSH Labaratory: Quality control over the entire process chain
RSH Development; Tailor-made compound formulation to customer specifications
Toll Manufacturing; Demanding toll processing with highest Quality
Logistics; On-time delivery of ordered quantities
Production Scrap Management; Purchase of premium-quality raw materials and development of production waste management systems.

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Country: Germany