REMONDIS Recycling
Stand #: H24
Logistics Material Suppliers - rigids - PP, HDPE Material Suppliers - technical/engineering plastic Material Suppliers – PET Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
Short description

REMONDIS is one of the largest private company groups for recycling, services and water. In Germany, we manage take-back services and deposit-return solutions, provide collection equipment, recycle materials, sell high-quality recyclates.

Detailed information

PET // We close the material loop for PET food packaging //

HDPE + PP // 60 years' experience in PE and PP recycling, producing the highest quality plastic pellets e.g. for shampoo bottles //

LDPE // We produce plastic bags made of ~95% recycled film from commercial and household collection. Made in Germany //

Technical polymers // We reprocess post-industrial plastics //

Others and Projects // Get in touch, we offer both off-the-shelf and customised solutions.

Country: Germany