OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
Stand #: R2
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OCS offers testing and measuring systems for raw materials that meet all individual requirements. Applied in the laboratory, in R&D or in the ongoing production process, they take quality management to a new level. When used as an online system to optimise process control, OCS solutions shorten reaction and product change times. They also offer excellent quality control and reliability as offline laboratory systems.

Extruders Plant Design Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Separation & Sorting Testing
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- Testing and Measuring Devices for Quality Control & Assurance
- Inspection, Classification & Sorting of Polymers
- Detection of Defects like Gels & Black Specks in Pellets, Films or Flakes
- Online Quality Control Measurement
- Optical & X-Ray Inspection
- Turnkey Lab Solutions

Contact Email: info@ocsgmbh.com
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