Nijhuis Saur Industries
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Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier
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For managing water for industries around the world, Nijhuis Saur Industries provides solutions for sustainable and resilient water use, energy and resource recovery. We are part of the Saur Group. By keeping a strong focus on protecting water resources, we are committed to the Saur Group #MissionWater.

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Nijhuis Saur Industries
The Saur Industrial Water Solutions division provides solid and adaptive solutions for sustainable and resilient water use, energy and resource recovery for Light and Heavy Industries, Utilities, and Commercial Buildings around the world.

With Nijhuis Saur Industries being mainly responsible for the division, we deliver an extensive portfolio of innovative technologies, game-changing solutions and added-value services to protect water resources. With our unique Customer for Life approach, we help industries, utilities, and cities to comply with 'reduce, remove, reuse and recover', closing the water loop.

We deliver innovative technologies, engineering and consulting services, mobile water solutions, EPC / DBFOM project execution and O&M site services. Our portfolio of water solutions is based on the extensive knowledge and experience of Nijhuis, Econvert, Unidro, Nortech, Riventa, PWNT, Byosis, Sodai, Flootech, Aqua-Chem and NSI Mobile Water Solutions Europe.

OUR EXPERTISE: Integrated solutions to solve industrial and municipal water challenges to close the water loop

We draw on extensive experience as an international water EPC contractor, technology provider, service and O&M provider, and a water innovator. With the synergies this brings, and our portfolio of operational solutions, technologies, equipment and expertise, we provide real answers to your specific challenges, delivering water on-demand.

As a partner for life, we help you meet your installations’ needs regarding water quantity, quality and assets, while complying with environmental standards - and building a cleaner, safer, more water-secure planet.

In a nutshell, we
• Integrate Systems and act as EPC or DBFOM contractor;
• Deliver Technologies and Solutions;
• Provide (mobile) services and consumables;
• Operate and Maintain (O&M).

Our Purpose: #MissionWater | Complying to Reduce, Remove, Reuse and Recover
Our purpose is to be an advocate for water, ensuring that everyone - utilities, industries, citizens, farmers, nongovernmental organizations and civil society as a whole - gives water the value it deserves. Beyond our daily business of providing adequate supplies and responsible quality and treatment of water, we are committed to acting and to convincing others, so that together we can invest in saving water, reducing life-cyle costs, removing pollution, reusing water and heat and recovering energy and resources.

We engineer new solutions models to preserve one the most precious resources on our planet and contribute to a sustainable and resilient future!

We call it Mission Water.

Country: Netherlands