Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH
Stand #: J14
Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier
Short description

This Austrian manufacturer of recycling machinery aims support the plastics industry with technologies and ideas, making an essential contribution to sustainable plastics processing, with recycling technologies that offer maximum efficiency and sustainability. Its machines are characterised by ease of use, flexibility and zero-waste technology.

Detailed information

NGR develops, manufactures and distributes intelligent and future-oriented plastic recycling technologies to realize zero-waste production for the plastic industry and turn waste into high-quality pellets also from post-consumer plastics. With its innovative PET recycling solution „Liquid State Polycondensation (LSP)“ PET-material is leaving the recycling process corresponding to virgin material and 100% safe for food contact . As most important task for the future NGR enforces the change to a circular economy. To preserve plastics as valuable raw material as long as possible for the next generations, NGR is pushing the plastics industry as technology leader.

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Country: Austria