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Mepol Group is the synegy of four companies qualified in the recycling, compounding and supply of thermoplastic polymers situated in Italy and in Poland. Thanks to the combination of our recycling plant and compounding lines, we can offer a wide range of compounds with recycled content with high technological value, in line with the application needs and in terms of sustainability. The process control and tests conducted in our internal laboratory allow us to monitor and control all the technical-regulatory requirements of the material.

Detailed information

Mepol supports their customers in developing specific products, with the production of tailor-made products to
meet technical and aesthetical needs but offering the material in the Eco-compound® version (formulated at least with 30% of recycled plastics). The R&D laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art instruments in order to carry out all the necessary tests and analyses to fully characterise plastic materials, designing and developing new products and providing quick and exhaustive answers to the
customers inquiries. All companies of the Group are ISO 9001, 14001 and 28000 certified and all our recycled compounds and polymers are audited by a third party entity (IMQ-CSI Recycled Plastics). Plants in Italy and in Poland are authorized recycling plants. Our range of Eco-compound® covers: polypropylene (Eco Meplen®), polyamide (Eco Meytel®), polystyrene (Eco Meytel®), ABS (Eco Meplac®) and PC/ABS (Eco Meblend®). Recycling plant in Ferrara also deals with all kind of recycled polymers (R-PC/ABS, R-PP, R-SAN, R-ABS, R-PC, R-PMMA, R-PA, R-POM, R-PE R-PS, R-PVC, R-PP/PE both post industrial and post consumer.

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