Max-AI® Robotic Sorters
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Separation & Sorting
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Max-AI® technology is an artificial intelligence that identifies recyclables and other items for recovery or quality control. Through deep learning technology, Max employs both multi- layered neural networks and a vision system to see and identify objects similarly to the way a person does. The technology is driving improvements in

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Max-AI technology employs artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize materials similar to the way a person does. Launched by BHS in 2017, Max-AI technology powers robotic sorters, optical sorters, and reporting systems, and will continue to be integrated into new and existing equipment throughout Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). With close to 200 units worldwide, Max-AI is the world’s most installed AI-powered recycling solution. The technology is driving improvements in MRF design, operational efficiency, safety, recovery, system optimization, maintenance and more.

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Country: Netherlands