Magna International Ltd
Stand #: D21
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Short description

We are Hong Kong based ISO 9001-2015 certified company .
We specialize in Import/Export and trading of Engineering plastics, High performance plastics, Commodity Plastics, Elastomers, Additive and Modifiers .
We Buy and sell Plastics in all forms : Near Prime, Off grade, regrinds, lumps, film, fiber, fabric, sheets, powder, scraps.
Our products :
Engineering Plastics :Polyamide 6, Polyamide 66, Polyamide 612, Polyamide 11, Polyamide 11, Polycarbonate, PMMA, PBT, PPO, POM
Commodity Plastics: ABS, HIPS, SAN, EVA
High performance Plastics: PPS, LCP, PEI, PEEK, PPA, PES, PVDF, PTFE, Cellulosics, Hydrocarbon resins, SAP
Elastomers : TPU, TPE, SEBS, SBS, EPDM, PVB, POE

Detailed information

Magna International Limited is a company established in Hongkong to purchase and sell plastic resins, regrinds, recycled materials and scraps of plastics. We market our products to plastic injection molders, extruders, compounders, resellers, and exporters throughout Asia and to Europe. We have several years of combined experience in the plastics industry.

Through our offices in China, India , Indonesia, USA and Hong Kong, we market a vast range of materials that includes engineering thermoplastics, high performance polymers, commodity plastics and elastomers. We buy and sell prime, non-prime, wide spec, off-grade pellets, regrinds, parts, lumps, scrap of plastics, rubbers, specialty resins master batches and additives into the global recycle market.

Our partner companies in India are equipped with recycling facilities at three locations where they carry out sorting, washing, cleaning, drying, grinding, baling, packaging etc

Magna invites you to join their network in the world of Alternative Plastics.

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Country: Hong Kong