Stand #: P31
Material Suppliers – PET Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
Short description

Clear Hot Washed PCR PET FLAKES for various application , suitable for B2B pellets, Granules, PET Sheet, Filament yarns, Staple Fibers, Films, Strapping and others. Four types available : HWB (50 PPM), HWS (100 PPM) and HWF (500 PPM)

Detailed information

· JB ECOTEX is OCEAN BOUND certified recycler as well as OCEAN BOUND certified plastic waste collector (very few in the world).
· Our PET flakes are REACH compliant and have been tested for all the 224 substances of very high concern.
· Our company is GRS, ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15270 certified.
· 75% or our power requirement is being met by Renewable Energy (2.1 MW of wind turbines and 1.2 MW of solar power.
· Our plant is based on a “ zero water discharge” policy.

Contact Email: punit@jbecotex.com
Country: India