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Separation & Sorting
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Greyparrot's AI Waste Recognition System unlocks the full value of waste for MRFs, PRFs and other reprocessors using real-time composition data. Companies like Veolia, Suez, Remondis and Viridor are applying Greyparrot analytics to boost plant efficiency, automate sampling, verify outfeed purity and more.

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The Greyparrot AI waste analytics platform unlocks previously-unavailable waste and recyclability data. Waste managers, packaging designers and regulators use that data to improve sorting efficiency, design more recyclable products, and implement policies. The system also integrates with machinery and software to empower existing sorting infrastructure with AI-powered insight.

Greyparrot monitoring units use computer vision to track waste objects on conveyor belts at MRFs and PRFs. High-resolution cameras are backed by cutting-edge AI, which is constantly evolving with the help of our deep learning experts. Our platform can currently recognize over 67 municipal waste types. It does so with 98% accuracy for waste stream composition, and 95% accuracy for mass estimation.

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