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FIMIC has been known for 25 years as the specialists in automatic self-cleaning melt filters. This Italian company is the only one in the market with a range of five different models of automatic melt filters, capable to target highly contaminated plastic materials, especially post-industrial and post-consumer plastics.

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FIMIC’s adventure started 56 years ago when we entered the field of recycling through the manufacture of guillotines for the cutting of industrial waste bales and rolls. Then, in 1996, we decided to improve the filtration method available at the time, which was fully done by hand, with the first FIMIC backflush entering into service the following year. Finally, one year later, the “scraping” system came into fruition.

Today we showcase a long-term experience in the mechanical field, expanded through the years also in the plastics and paper industries. Staff and turnover are ever-growing, and 95% of each of our products is designed, manufactured, and assembled internally, in our facilities: this is FIMIC.

We believe in the future and in new generations, who will have to carry on and improve our legacy, compensating experience with a hunger for conquest. Because of this, FIMIC treasures the tradition, skill, and knowledge that brought it to its current place in the industry, all the while remaining fresh and future-oriented.

We endorse the necessity to increase product recyclability and reduce pollution, and we’re firmly convinced that environmental sustainability is the key to progress. FIMIC’s objective is exactly to offer the means to achieve increasingly efficient recycling of materials.

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