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Drying Filtration Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Screen Changers Separation & Sorting
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Filtec is a family company founded in 1993 in Badia Polesine, Northern Italy. The over 30 years task is to design, develop and customize high performance and high reliability cutting and filtering systems. Filtec produces Underwater and Water Ring pelletizers, centrifugal dryers, screen changers and much more.

Detailed information

Technology and Innovation are the pillars on which Filtec builds its market proposal. Its high-quality products are designed in synergy with the most complex requirements.
Filtec is the right partner to choose to develop projects and to turn innovative ideas into real applications.
In order to stay competitive in a fast-changing market, Filtec has adopted new instruments. A new CRM software is used by Filtec team to maintain contacts with customers, allowing a better organization of both sales and purchases. Moreover, the Technical dept. has adopted a new PDM software that connects the product code to the relevant experience in the creation of 3D designs. Last, but not least, Filtec is part of industry 4.0 and the machines produced are equipped with a remote-control system that gives the possibility to check the machine in every moment.

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Country: Italy