Stand #: H12
Chemical Recycling Energy from waste Extruders Testing
Short description

Certech is a R&D partner and supplier of analytical and technological services for companies involved polymer & composite materials, process intensification and environment.
We offer tests and pilots for
-Mechanical Recycling (P to P)
-Chemical Recycling (P to L, P to C, P to G)

Detailed information

Certech is a research & development partner and supplier of analytical and technological services for companies involved in activities related to chemistry: polymers; pharmaceutical, medical and health care; environment and energy; automobile and transport; packaging; construction

We mainly concentrate on three axis: environment, materials and process intensification.

We provide innovative solutions for the improvement or development of products and processes, in agreement with the principles of sustainable chemistry and circular economy to meet industrial and societal needs.

Certech has been active for more than 20 years in the field of recycling and waste recovery. Certech is working with different industrial partners and has developed several pilot units for waste valorisation at an industrial scale.

Certech is delivering innovative and sustainable chemical solutions for recycling of polymer materials:

Mechanical Recycling (P to P):

- Thermoplastic compounding/processing
- Shredded composites valorisation
- Characterisation / technical data sheet
- Odour management of recyclates

Chemical Recycling (P to L, P to C, P to G):

- Conversion of non-recycled waste into oil, waxes and industrial feedstocks
- Thermo-chemical recycling (pyrolysis, depolymerisation, solvolysis, selective dissolution)
- Alternative feedstock (ultimate waste, biowaste, urban mining, extraction of strategic raw materials,…)
- Characterization of recycled products, identification of contaminants (dimers, odorous and/or organoleptic compounds, NIAS (Non Intentionally Added Substances)

In addition to several private research contracts, Certech is involved in different public-funded projects focused on the valorisation of recycled materials or waste.

Country: Belgium