Burkasan Waste Management & Recycling
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As one of the leading waste management and recycling companies in Turkey, we are providing professional sustainability solutions to our clients over 25 and producing high quality recycled materials.

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Sustainable Plastics
By combining technology and innovative thinking, we produce the best quality raw materials from plastic waste and include the waste in the re-production chain.

Raw Material
Not Garbage
Others may view waste as garbage. However, they are our raw material and strategic resources of our future.

Electronic Waste Recycling High technology, maximum efficiency
Electronic wastes in our facility, especially refrigerators, coolers, and air conditioning devices; Contrary to primitive and manual methods, gas and oil extraction units, high-capacity crushers, dust traps, active carbon filters, CFC condensate units, isolation house, safety measures (detectors, water, and nitrogen sprays, etc.) and automatic separators are almost untouched. It is recycled completely safely, with an efficiency of over 98%.

Professional Waste Management Solutions
We offer professional waste management solutions by taking all the workloads of industrial organizations and factories on waste and waste management in every corner of Turkey.

Contact Email: info@burkasan.com
Country: Turkey