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Plant Design Separation & Sorting
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Banzo design, install, modify and maintain waste separation plants. We take our responsibility in the entire process and for the result. Together we create a new reality: quickly phasing out landfilling and incineration of waste and continuing with reusing and recycling.

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Recycling is essential in making our world more sustainable. Laws and regulations, subsidy instruments, social pressure and the facts; they all point in the direction of a new reality in the waste processing industry. Dumping and incineration are finite models. The future is reuse or reprocessing into sustainable energy materials.
We help waste processors to achieve ambitious targets in the field of reuse of raw materials and to give recycling an economic raison d'être. That is where the challenge lies for us: this new market offers opportunities. Together with clients, we work on innovation and quality in recycling with the right revenue model. In the Netherlands and worldwide.

Banzo has been an expert in conveyor technology since 1947 and has been focusing on recycling technology since 2011. In recent years, several household waste and recycling installations have been successfully delivered to the leading waste processors in the Netherlands.
In 1947 Banzo was founded by Mr. Motzheim, in Groningen. In 2009 Banzo became the property of Metso, after which it was taken over in 2011 by Marcel Kroon, the current director-owner.
Since 2011, we have focused on the design and installation, modification and maintenance of recycling facilities. Partly spurred on by the enormous potential in the recycling market and the leading role that the Netherlands has played in it since the 10s.
In 2014 and 2015, the first major successes were achieved with the realization of a plastic separation installation for sorting plastics, the realization of a separation installation for household residual waste and the realization of a separation installation for source-separated material. These three projects were all built consecutively at Attero in Wijster. Banzo's installations are now running in and around major cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Contribution to the customer
There are four elements that are of great importance for the business case.
* Quality and purity. Which components in an installation are needed to separate streams sufficiently pure?
* How many tons of waste can be processed per year?
* How high is the percentage of input material that can be processed?
* A reliable installation has a high uptime (availability)
We do this process together. The installations are fully engineered based on the expected composition of the waste that enters and the desired end flows. Banzo guarantees that an installation based on this data will deliver what we promise. This way you have certainty about the investment and the financial return.

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