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Extruders Filtration
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Azaros is company based in the North of Spain which supplies high-quality filters for plastic recycling industry.

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We provide supplies for the plastic extrusion and water filtration processes. We offer a wide variety of custom-made filters with different designs, thread sizes, light passages, etc. to retain impurities in the extrusion process.

We are specialized in meeting the most complex needs of our clients through our customized solutions, offered through three services:

✔️Azaros Express: provides quick responses to inquiries and urgent needs for any industrial supply.

✔️Azaros Stock: offers over 4.000m2 square meters of facilities for material storage, along with our team of professionals for logistics and supply delivery on the terms and frequency you specify.

✔️Azaros Partner: seeks comprehensive solutions for supplies.

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Country: Spain