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Extruders Filtration Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier
Short description

Founded in 1974 consisting of 5 employees and covering 150m2 production area,Altech Plastic Machine firstly emerges as a manufacturer of a variety of machines and in the following years ,it begins producing extrusion barrel screw and plastic recycling machines.Along with its new plant covering 3.500m2 production area in 1986 by

Detailed information

Altech Plastic Machine owns the competence of following updated technological developments,adapting production process and always maintaining modern manufacturing standarts dynamic all the time .

Altech Plastic Machine produces plastic recycling lines,plastic molten filter systems,vertical and horizontal granulaters,shredder,plastic squeezing machines,friction centrifuge systems,plastic crusher machines and additive dosing systems.Consisting of highly qualified specialised engineer staff,sound technical department , as a primarily preferred company Altech maintains its leadership in the domestic and foreign sector markets thanks to the enthusiastic specialised R&D team.Their efforts result in acquiring recognition that strenghtens its high ecole status goal.

Blending primary targets and strategies with production quality principal,technical assistance before and after sales , customer satisfication and passion for achieving the best,Altech meets the needs of its customers in accordance with their special requests by setting up new projects.By undertaking the mission of giving priority to customer satisfication at first,in return Altech experiences the righteous pride of its improvement ,growth and providing long term service for esteeemed customers.

Altech takes it as a principle meeting the proffesional service needs and the quality expectation of its customers with the products designed in accordance with international standarts.Altech has idealized itself for the improvement of manufacture process and services,sensitive to environment and nature,following new generation technological products, appropriate price principle,manufacturing and delivering on time without compromising quality.

Country: Turkey