Stand #: H32
Separation & Sorting
Short description

3U Vision, an Italian company, deals with highly advanced optical sorting machines. The fields of application are endless.
Wherever an accurate and reliable plastic or polymer selection is needed, you can rely on 3U Vision’s FENIX and HYPERION.
3U Vision, sorting solutions.

Detailed information

3U VISION, a new reality with 40 years-experience.
Optical sorting development and innovation have been the focus for the Uzzo family during all these years. We are proud to present our top-quality optical sorters range for plastics and polymers sorting: FENIX and HYPERION. .
These sorters can count on patented features, a uniquely innovative vision system, state-of-the-art ejection units and a thorough care for details. Our sorters will assure you, all in one solution, a friendly-use sorter, healthy products, and top sorting quality.
You and your products will be in good hands.

Country: Italy