Stand #: H32 + J33
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Manufacturers of electronic optical sorters based in Imola (Italy). The fields of application of our technologies are many: food, mining, plastic, environmental and wherever an accurate and reliable product selection system at the highest levels is needed. Fenix, our top level optical sorter, is the first 4 colour (RGB + IR frequencies in the same sensor) single camera sorter in the market and combines the latest technologies to deliver an excellent service to the customer. It allows excellent results in plastic sorting, working simultaneously by color (even with minimal chromatic differences), by shape and transparency.

Separation & Sorting
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3U VISION can rely on a 40 years-experience in optical sorting development and innovation and can deliver proper technological sorting solutions for different kind of products. The aim of Uzzo's family was to redefine once again the quality standard and for this they imagined, designed and produced FENIX. This optical sorter can count on patented features, specifically developed by 3U VISION: these elements can ensure great product quality enhancing, with very few losses and waste of good quality-product, while providing very high flow rates to maximize production capacity. By combining a uniquely innovative vision system, state-of-the-art ejection unit and a thorough care for details, it can provide a high level of purity sorting by color defects, shades and/or foreign materials. All at the same time, in one solution. The safety and quality of your products are in good hands.

Contact:   Ms Francesca Zama