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Prodecologia company manufactures an efficient equipment for the recycling of secondary raw materials:
-triboelectric separator EBS-T - for separation of crushed polymers mixtures PVC+rubber (window profile), PVC+PE (cable insulation), PET+PVC (PET bottles), ABS+PS+PP (WEEE wastes), PP+PE (plastic bottles), etc.;
-electrostatic separator EBS -for extraction of non-ferrous metals from shredded cable, electronic equipment, printed circuit boards, window profile, etc .;
-NIR separator -for sorting mixtures of polymers by type;
-Color Sorter separator -for sorting different materials by color;
-light fraction separator -for dedusting and removal of films from crushed PET bottles, PVC windows, cables, WEEE and mixtures of other plastics.

Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Separation & Sorting
Detailed information

Scientific and manufacturing company «Prodecologia» was founded July 28, 1993.
During its activity the company has become a leader in the CIS and Eastern Europe countries in the design and manufacture of magnetic, electrostatic, eddy current separators, metal detectors and magnetic mud clarifiers.
Our company is successfully designing, manufacturing and supplying the complex lines for recycling of polymers, electric cables, printed circuit boards, electronic equipment (WEEE), etc.
The products of the company are delivered to 47 countries of the world, to the enterprises of 58 specialized branches and sub-sectors for the enrichment of ores and nonmetallic materials; separation of slags from metallurgical production, solid industrial and domestic wastes; extraction of metals from electrical cables wastes, WEEE, PCB's; separation of mixtures of polymers; prevention of metal contaminants entering foodstuffs in the process of their production; protection of technological equipment from breakdowns; enhancing porcelain whiteness; increasing the quality of tires, chipboard, cement, refractory materials, glass; technical water purification.