Nihot Recycling Technology B.V.
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Windshifters, disc screens and robotic sorters

Nihot is a Dutch company with over 75 years of experience in manufacturing windshifters/air separators. Our windshifters separate by means of negative pressure, or suction. This method provides the most precise heavy/light separation. Established in 1945, Nihot has a large client base with more than 1100 operational references all over the world. We offer the best possible solutions and with our experience in component sales, we included the BHS Debris Roll Screen® (DRS disc screen) and the Max-AI® Robotic Sorters full line to our product range.

Separation & Sorting
Detailed information

Established in 1945, Nihot Recycling Technology B.V. started its business by producing air ducts for small wood furnaces. Today Nihot is member of the Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) Family of Companies and the leading global provider of air technology to the waste and recycling industries. Nihot’s air separators reflect a superior reliability, offering the highest waste separation efficiencies. From consultation and design to manufacture, delivery,
installation and ongoing training and support, Nihot’s team of in-house experts are with you every step of the way.