NGR Next Generation Recycling Machines
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About us

NGR provides intelligent, future-oriented plastic recycling technologies for sustainable treatment of plastic materials, contributing to a better future. Exploring new paths in plastic recycling, NGR has developed outstanding technologies to develop efficient recycling processes. Applications include Post Industrial Recycling, PET Improvement and Recycling and Post Consumer Recycling.

Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier
Detailed information

NGR recycling machines are built to recycle the waste generated by plastics processing companies and give the plastics a “second chance“ at the end of their product life cycle.
NGR has been building plastics recycling machines in Austria for more than twenty-five years. These machines turn plastics waste into high-quality pellets in more than 80 countries worldwide. The company stays on the cutting edge of technology by continuously developing and improving plastics processing and machine components. A tightly woven network of distribution partners and our customer service representatives provide excellent service and make sure our machines can be used successfully for many years.