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About us

NextChem is Maire Tecnimont Group’s company for the development of technologies for green chemistry and energy transition. NextChem’s roadmap is focused on three clusters: Greening the Brown, for the reduction of emissions; Circular Economy, for mechanical and chemical recycling; Green-Green, for biofuels and bioplastics. NextChem portfolio includes also different technologies to produce low carbon hydrogen: Electric BlueTM Hydrogen, produced using traditional technologies but with CO2 capture and electrified process; Green Hydrogen, produced by electrolysis using renewable energy sources; Circular HydrogenTM, produced by chemical conversion of waste.

Chemical Recycling Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives Material Suppliers - flexibles: PE (LDPE, HDPE) Material Suppliers - rigids - PP,HDPE Plastic Mechanical Recyclers
Detailed information

NextChem transforms innovative ideas into industrial processes and plants, through Project Development, Technology Licensing, Engineering, Procurement and Construction services. NextChem is managing a portfolio of several technological initiatives along a roadmap towards Energy Transition, which is composed of three areas of activity: Greening the Brown, Circular Economy and Green Green. “Circular Economy” is focused on the implementation and further optimization of the recycling of plastics and other waste materials: from the mechanical and chemical recycling of plastic materials to regenerate polymers up to the waste-to-chemicals technologies which can produce renewable gas, hydrogen or any traditional chemical from the
gasification of waste.
The MyReplastTM Upcycling technology combines mechanical recycling and chemical modification allowing to:
- Produce plastic products of high purity and quality by means of a proprietary recycling process;
- Improve the performance of the resulting plastics through a subsequent formulating and compounding stage, according to specific customer requirements.

MyReplastTM technology has the following key characteristics:
- High flexibility: our technology allows to treat various types of incoming plastic waste, both from industrial sources (for example, production scrap and rejects of automotive components production, food packaging and industrial packaging waste) and post-consumer sources like urban unsorted waste.
- Quality of finished products: The MyReplastTM Upcycling technology allows to produce high quality recycled polymers with a recycling efficiency of around 95%.
Our reference industrial plant is located at Bedizzole (Brescia, Italy). The plant is currently among the largest in Europe and produces around 40,000 tons/year of recycled polymers.