Coolrec Plastics bv
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About us

Based in Waalwijk, Netherlands and part of the Coolrec Group (subsidiary of Renewi PLC), a key European player in the circular economy when it comes to the processing of discarded electrical appliances and electronic products. And reprocessing WEEE plastics to pure regrinds and regranulates, with focus on PS and ABS, for the production of new products or parts, closing the plastics chain.

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Detailed information

Coolrec, 100% daughter of Renewi, is the leading processor of WEEE in Europe, being e-waste as small household appliances, ICT, large white good and fridge’s. With production locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Focusing on high quality raw material like (non-ferro) metals and plastics.

Within Coolrec Plastics process mainly Weee-plastics with focus on PS, ABS, and PP/PE. Rough input is produced in Waalwijk, to a pure and clean regrind. And we have the possibility to regranulate or even compound our material, with focus on HIPS.

In recent year we developed for our HIPS regranulate our Coolstar brand. Reason why we focus on this white HIPS is that from origin we are a WEEE-recycling and have 3 fridge recycling plants in our group, and source externally also. With this long term input contract, we can secure our outlet for PS regranulate also for longer periods.