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About us

Founded in 1974 consisting of 5 employees and covering 150m2 production area,Altech Plastic Machine firstly emerges as a manufacturer of a variety of machines and in the following years ,it begins producing extrusion barrel screw and plastic recycling machines.Along with its new plant covering 3.500m2 production area in 1986 by expanding its business,it sets off exportation in several countries. and today in its new factory covering 11.000m2,Altech has become an integrated facility exporting plastic recycling machines for 45 countries.

Extruders Filtration Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier Screen Changers
Detailed information

As Altech Recycling Technology, we realize our productions with the awareness that we have a share in the construction of a more livable world. Our most basic motivation is to leave a trace of the ideal of a clean world to our future, while eliminating even the trace of wastes that destroy nature.

We continue our production activities, which we started with this ideal and have continued since 1974, in our 11.000 m² integrated facility, and we export recycling technologies to 45 countries around the world.

We develop innovative solutions for our industry by combining our long years of experience in Recycling Technologies with the excellence principle of our expert engineer staff, strong technical department and professional R&D team.

As Altech, we continue our production with the effort to maintain our position as the leading company that is preferred primarily in the country and abroad, and to keep every promise we make for our present and future.

Altech Recycling Technology: “Change the Future with Recycling”