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About us

Manufacturers of electronic optical sorters based in Imola (Italy). The fields of application of our technologies are many: food, mining, plastic, environmental and wherever an accurate and reliable product selection system at the highest levels is needed. Fenix, our top level optical sorter, is the first 4 colour (RGB + IR frequencies in the same sensor) single camera sorter in the market and combines the latest technologies to deliver an excellent service to the customer. It allows excellent results in plastic sorting, working simultaneously by color (even with minimal chromatic differences), by shape and transparency.

Separation & Sorting
Detailed information

3U Vision Srl. is a Hi-Tech company owned and managed by Italians, headquartered in Imola, Italy. It was launched in 2019 by Antonio Uzzo. Antonio Uzzo, a well-known person in vision system and sorter industries, was originally the CEO of SEA Srl. When SEA was acquired by Cimbria, Antonio joined Cimbria as a director, and during this period, they achieved extraordinary results. In 2018, Antonio, together with his two sons, left Cimbria and started 3U Vision.
The ongoing and continuous research of innovative technology led Antonio and his sons to put together a team of excellence and starting 3U Vision. Their aim was to once again, redefine the standard of quality in this field.
The essence of our mission is to produce optical sorters, designed and built with Italian hardware and software, which achieve the results of our research and innovation. In order to resolve the most complex sorting issues and to achieve the highest quality equipment, we have a research agreement with the Bio-photonics Department of La Sapienza University. We also collaborate closely with the G. Ciamician Chemistry Department at the University of Bologna, and several leading companies in the vision systems sector.