Hear from GreenMatter

How has this unprecedented situation impacted your particular product or innovation?

GreenMatter is a quite ‘young’ project that is started when two companies joined forces and took the lead in recycling material from artificial turf and processing the fibers into new products for on and around the sports field. When Corona became a bigger concern for Holland, the government quickly closed all sport accommodations to prevent people from gathering there. Logically, the demand for GreenMatter products reduced soon after that decision. Luckily, we recently added more products to our delivery program which has resulted in a growing interest coming from municipalities and governmental organizations. Together with the other products we’re selling, we experienced no big issues and we are really hopefull for the coming period. Last week the government loosened up some of the restrictions which also resulted in sport accommodations partly being opened. It’s good to see that our clients kept an eye on us because we recon that the phonecalls and emails concerning GreenMatter are growing again!

What positive solutions/ opportunities have you found or used?

It’s interesting how fast companies can adapt to changing circumstances. We were already used working from the cloud but working from home was relatively new to us. Although everyone is missing the ‘vibe’ of the office, everyone is also enjoying the perks of working from home! This period has obliged us to look to new ways of working together and that has been very educational and useful so far.

What advice or help are you looking for?

We are very curious about the way this crisis has affected the opinion of people concerning the environment. We have all been thrown back to less use of fossil fuels, less use of waste material and more online solutions. Did this result in more support and awareness around recycling? We’re searching for science-based numbers of the public opinion about these matters.

What advice or guidance would you give fellow plastics recycling professionals?

This crisis has shown us that the course of action can have major consequences for the future of the planet. Something that the recycling business had to fight for years. We believe that the crisis has contributed to some awareness of these issues. Companies in this sector should feel empowered and continue to work on coming up with new, innovative solutions to make corporate social and corporate responsibility even more interesting.

Is there anything that you are particularly proud of, that you would like to celebrate with the community?

First of all, we are proud to be seen as a part of a sector that is committed to improving awareness around recycling and corporate social responsibility. Secondly, we are proud that GreenMatter plays an essential role in recycling a waste stream that has never been addressed before. With our initiative we have contributed to the awareness of many sports clubs, sports associations, municipalities and entire governments. The interest in our materials is also increasing abroad, which means in the first place that our efforts matter and in the second place that awareness is also increasing beyond our national borders. The cooperating companies form an alliance that makes it possible to continue to serve this growing demand in the future.