Plastics Recycling Awards Europe Finalists 2021

Automotive, Electrical or Electronic Product

This category covers interior or exterior plastic components incorporated in the design of automotive products, as well as electrical and electronic appliances.

Plastic parts incorporated in the design of cars, truck or motorbikes which are made of recycled materials are eligible. Additionally, appliances like washing machines, vacuum cleaners and coffee makers and such can be submitted - sector of application is not limited but the products must be made of recycled plastic materials.

Functionality, sustainability and recyclability will be the guiding criteria in the evaluation of entries. Moreover, the aesthetic qualities of the product will be considered, in addition to the novelties and innovation introduced to the respective sectors.

Arçelik A.Ş., Arçelik Eco-Sustain Washing Machine

Deutsche Telekom AG, Speed Home WLAN

Deutsche Telekom AG, Speedport Smart 4

Ford Otosan, Recycled Plastic Battery Box

Pöppelmann Kunststoff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG, Holder Soudgenerator

Volvo Cars, Volvo XC60 Front Bumper 2021

Building & Construction Product

Plastic products used in construction destined both for outdoors and indoor applications are covered within this category. A wide range of products can be submitted, including flooring, piping, window frames, insulation, roofing, doors, wall coverings, landscaping products, outdoor furniture, etc. 

Durability and recyclability of the products, as well as the value added in terms of sustainability for the building & construction sector will be the key aspects by which the products will be evaluated. In addition, the evaluation criteria will consider the usefulness of the product and its ability to effectively substitute the conventional materials used, as well as any novelties it brings to the sector.

Armacell Benelux S.C.S, ArmaPET Eco50

Plastix A/S, Circular Green Rope

ML Sp. z o.o., Paving grid Stella Green/ Stella Padd


Palikka Oy, Soundbarrier Block

The Good Plastic Company, Norwegian Trash, Good Plastic recycled marine plastic construction/decoration panel

Household & Leisure Product

Any plastic product present in households and used for everyday activities, including leisure activities and sports, or any other product that improves everyday life falls under the scope of this category, Domestic goods, sports and leisure equipment, fashion accessories, furniture and any other product, apart from electronic & electric appliances, can be submitted, apart from electrical & electronic goods which fall under the scope of their respective category.

Functionality, usefulness of the product, and its ability to effectively substitute the conventional materials, along with aesthetics will be the key evaluation aspects for this category. Recyclability of the products, as well as the value added in terms of sustainability will be considered.

Coolrec Plastics, Rockeees

Flokk, HÅG Capisco Puls - auburn coloured made of recycled snow plough markers

KETER, Curver SMART ECO Foodkeeper

Morssinkhof Rymoplast & Inter IKEA, HÅLLBAR waste bin

Polimeer, Eclipse Wall Lamp

Rentokil Initial, Eradico


Schwarz Group: PreZero, Lidl (INT, DE, AT, IT, etc.); Producer: Jelenia Plast, Waste bins made of recycled material

Searious Business, Lounge chair from rHDPE

Thales, Thales Eco SIM

Plastic Packaging Product

This category covers products used for consumer plastic packaging. Entries with innovative designs that improve recyclability of a packaging are encouraged. The submitted product must be a consumer good and produced for commercial packaging use (including food and non-food applications, e.g. dairy products, drinks, washing liquids, etc.). RecyClass analysis must be performed for the submitted packaging product. Packaging with grades A, B or C are eligible to apply. 

Recyclability of the packaging will be the guiding evaluation aspect for this category. Additionally, the novelties and innovation introduced to the packaging sector will be considered.

Braskem & Duo & Joules, Joules Click & Collect Bag (Braskem I'm green bio-based & recycled material)

Reborn group, R100 PLUS

Reckitt Benckiser, Project Roy

SAEME, Labeless bottle designed to be circular - 100% recyclable - 100% recycled plastic

SIPA spa, SIPA DUO MiniStackable

Schoeller Allibert, SASI(r)

Veolia - Multiport GmbH, Unilever Deutschland Holding GmbH, TUHH – Hamburg University of Technology, BUDNI Handels- und Service GmbH & Co. KG, Stadtreinigung Hamburg, Hamburgs Wertstoff Innovative

Plastics Recycling Ambassador

This award will be presented to an inspirational individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the European plastics recycling industry in the last 12 months. This category is open to industry professionals, politicians, civil servants, NGO activists, citizens or any other individual dedicated to advocating for and advancing the recycling of plastics. Please nominate individuals you feel would be worthy of such an honour.

Note: You are not able to nominate yourself.

An Vossen, Plarebel

David Katz, Plastic Bank

Flor Peña Herron, Avery Dennison

Hans Axel Kristensen, Plastix

Philipp Lehner, ALPLA

Product Technology Innovation

This category covers technology innovation which has brought significant improvements in the field of producing recyclable plastic products or incorporating recycled materials in product production. The technology innovation will be judged based on, among other aspects, the effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, performance, quality and profitability of the process. Any technology development which helps overcome current obstacles of recycling plastic products or which incorporates the use of recyclates in innovative high-end applications, qualifies under this category.

The technology innovation will be judged based on, among other aspects, the effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, performance, quality and profitability of the process, as well the improvements it brings in terms of the recyclability of products.

All in One Pods (Ariel, Lenor, Dash, Tide, Fairy) Laundry Pouch, Procter & Gamble

CirKular+™ for Innovative Plastics Upcycling and Circular Economy Solutions, Kraton Polymers LLC

Colgate-Palmolive's Recyclable Toothpaste Tube (Smile for Good), Colgate PColgate Palmolive

ColorMatrix SmartHeat RHC, Avient Corporation

MAGNUM ECO, Samsonite Europe NV, SUEZ, LyondellBasell

RECOTHENE high performance recycled polythene pellets, Chase Plastics Ltd

Recyclable PP trigger sprayer, Reckitt

reSound R Recycled Content Thermoplastic Elastomers, Avient Corporation

Recycling Machinery Innovation

Within this category, innovative machinery advancements which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of plastic recycling processes can be submitted. Developments and innovation in the fields of sorting, grinding, shredding, washing, filtering, extrusion and other stages of the recycling process can be submitted, given they are directly involved in the process of plastic recycling.

The machinery will be judged based on, among other aspects, the effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, performance, quality and cost-efficiency it brings to the overall plastic recycling process and based on how it contributes towards higher quality recycling.

ABMF-PET-C, BritAS Recycling-Anlagen GmbH

BKG® FlexDisc™, Nordson BKG GmbH

Epsilon Recycling Machine, Plasmac Srl

FLAKE SCAN, Sesotec GmbH

INTAREMA® TVEplus® RegrindPro® + ReFresher, EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H.

LUBO Anti Wrapping StarScreen® (AWS), Lubo Recycling Solutions and Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions as part of the Bollegraaf Group.

Max-AI® AQC-C, Max-AI®, Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), National Recovery Technologies (NRT)

Recycling Machinery Innovation, PAL srl

SPA Screw pump, Fimic

Trebo's fluid-mechanical sorting technology, Trebo

VIZ - infinitely flexible - The ingeniously - adaptable plastics shredding machine, Vecoplan AG